Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning at The Laundry Box is undertaken in a clean and calm environment where we spend enough time as necessary on each garment. Each garment goes through a lengthy cleaning process which involves experienced hands and most up to date machinery available in the market.

We do our best to remove stains using various types of classified chemicals. You will find the very best service as we pay special attention to Quality, Fabric and Best Finish.

Corporate Shirts Laundry

The Laundry Box is well known for quality shirt pressing service for a long time now. We believe a good shirt service start with attention to collars and cuffs, followed by through laundering using special programs, then comes the important bit, ironing.

We have recently invested in a huge state of the art shirt pressing machine that gives incredible results. Our process presses with irons resulting in a crisp and professional finish.

Wedding / Traditional Dresses Laundry

At The Laundry Box, we pay special attention to wedding dresses, traditional attires and other complicated fabric items such as heavy beaded garments, teddy bear, hat, bags etc.

Due to their peculiar nature, they are evaluated and buttons or ornamental elements are protected or removed before the cleaning process, then cleaned and preserved to maintain its natural look.


At The Laundry Box, we take pride in the laundry of your personal duvets, pillions and linens. Every care is taken at each step of our process to ensure your laundry is beautifully finished prior to being returned to you.

As for duvets, a high capacity laundry machines is used just for the job as it is important for it to move freely while washing. Our three stage drying process ensures your feather filled items are thoroughly dried and of course fully fluffed.


At The Laundry Box, our carpet cleaning process is undertaken by highly skilled experts who know which procedure will maximize the cleaning result without risk of damage. We start with a thorough pre-clean inspection checking for stains, weakness, colour fastness of dyes etc. to ascertain which the best and safest cleaning process is.

The simple cotton or wool type rugs are clean in our high washing or dry cleaning machine while more delicate Persian, Chinese or Indian rugs use a process that completely immerses the rug in water whilst lain out flat soil & grime is then massaged out using special techniques paying particular attention to stains and prominent areas.


Repairs and alterations are completed to a very high standard by our dedicated team at The Laundry Box. With vast experience in repair and alteration including tailoring service, we easily carry out shortening or complicated couture adjustments assuring every customer of a detailed finishing process.

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