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Opening your own dry cleaning business can be a wonderful and rewarding experience, providing you do it properly. It can be a dream come true or a nightmare, the secret is to get it right from the beginning and that is the reason you need us.

Dry Cleaning is NOT an easy business to get into, it takes experience and training and forward planning, make a mistake such as picking the wrong machines, getting the wrong location and even the wrong personnel can prove very expensive. We can get you ahead of the competition and avoid the many pitfalls before you open.

At The Laundry Box, Our promise is to honestly help you with that first step to success, we consult for individuals and organization who want to open a dry cleaning/laundry plant, also for existing plant owners who want to improve quality and acquit them with new ideals, most modern operation which will eventually maximum profit in the long run.


Our Consulting Services includes:

  • Laundry Planning and Construction
  • Business Plan
  • Identification and tabulation of individual laundry process.
  • Sourcing for suitable location
  • Selection of equipment and layout
  • Supply, Installation and commissioning of Equipment
  • Recruitment of personnel
  • Training and training/ reference monographs
  • Operational Consultancy
  • Engineering Support plus wide range of laundry and dry-cleaning equipment
  • Sourcing from the world’s leading manufacturers
  • Administration and good working practice
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Branding and Printing.
  • Purchase of supplies, local and imported
  • Consultancy and services to hotels, commercial laundry and hospitals.

Technical Support

One of the secrets of our success is our high quality support which is unrivalled Nigeria when we supply and install machines in your plant. Our bulk buying from our partners, Renzacci, Pony, Italy and other leading manufacturers in the world, allows us to supply you with the very best machines and supplies at discount prices. We have trained technicians available to answer your calls and to help you try to resolve a problem; we can solve or identify the cause of a problem within 5 minutes on site.


At The Laundry Box, we offer a full training program for you and your staff, our training program covers all aspects of the industry, from the counter staff right through to machine operation and stain removal, to pressing and quality control.

Training is available on site under working conditions; our standard is up to Guild of Cleaners and Launderers qualifications in all departments. Our trainers are both experienced practically in the industry and also qualified academically. An investment in training, will keep you ahead of your competitors, give you confidence in your product and importantly keep you in business long term.

Training courses include:

  • Dry cleaning practice
  • Laundry Chemistry
  • Garment finishing
  • Stain Removal
  • Training for Drycleaners and launderers
  • Practical training for your quality control department
  • Dry cleaning Business Management for business owners and intending owners.
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